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A kitchen is more than just a collection of cabinets, electrical appliances and a sink.

It is a place where you cook and eat and live.
You can enjoy a new kitchen that is completely designed to your individual and personal needs.

Tailor made

Since human beings do not come in standard sizes, neither do our kitchens. The latest innovations in kitchen design allow us to tailor make your kitchen, offering individuality and flexibility in designing the space to fit in with human nature.

You can take advantage of a choice of different worksurface heights (from 860 to 1040mm) making it more comforable for you to work in your kitchen, and the variable depths make for spacious working surfaces and storage space – whatever the size of the room and your requirements. The plinth too provides space for drawers and large capacity pull-outs.

We will get to know you and listen closely to what you feel you need. We will then combine these ideas with our own design skills and innovations and create the perfect kitchen for you.

We Can Supply A Range Of Built-In And Freestanding Appliances Such As Smeg, Neff, Siemens, Liebherr & Cda.


Inclusive Kitchens

A kitchen should be where food preparation and cooking is an enjoyment, a place where friends gather to catch up, and families sit down to hear about each other’s day.

It can however pose some inconvenient issues to some family members where safety and accessibility need extra consideration. Whether it is small children or someone with a physical or visual impairment, we at Cara believe it is important to take extra care when considering the design of a kitchen so that everyone can feel included in what is so often the family hub.


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