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Your home is a special place, somewhere you can relax and enjoy the comforts of a luxurious bathroom, or the calming surroundings of your bedroom. Whether you’re looking for interior design ideas for a complete new room, or simply want to freshen your existing look, the team at Cara will listen and advise on the best possible solution.


We understand that your bathroom is one of most important rooms in your home. It needs to be well-designed and functional and yet a place of privacy and relaxation. Our bathrooms are planned and installed to exactly suit your requirements and our fitting service will cater for your individual needs including all types of planning.

As more generations are now living under one roof individual requirements need careful consideration to bring inclusivity to the bathroom area. These include:

Level access flooring

Low level baths

Walk-in showering

3 Function showering

Slip resistant flooring

Raised height WC’s

By utilising the experience & knowledge of our the Cara team and the diverse products from companies such as Ideal Standard, Bete, Hewi and Saneux, we will take time to listen and understand your needs and ideas, to develop a functional space to suit your needs and budget. We offer additional services available such as tiling, lighting and flooring.

Inclusive Bathroom

Currently three out of five of us aged 65 and over are suffering from some long term condition. This can affect our confidence and independence living at home. Impacting both the way we live and use our homes, and potentially influencing all aspects of home life.

Our homes have been built up over the years, reflecting our memories and personality, and serving the whole family. This is an aspect that we, at Cara, would like preserve by individually tailoring each bathroom to suit and assist each family member. The bathroom is a place of relaxation, so by assisting you with elegant, yet accessible design this should relieve any stress that can become related with personal cleansing.

By utilising the expertise of our team at Cara and the sophisticated designs from companies such as Ideal Standard, Bette, Hewi and Kermi, we can take time to listen and understand your needs and concerns to develop your creative flair for a beautiful design to suit your budget.

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We hope you will try the Cara Experience. Feel free to call 0151 342 7442 or email your plans/ideas and we can arrange a Covid Secure no-obligation meeting to suit you.