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Cara Interior Design Corporate Social Responsibility Document

Cara is dedicated to addressing ethical, environmental and social needs towards our business dealings, our employees and associates and all of our stakeholders. We move to act as a good corporate citizen in all business activities in all areas of the world.

We recognise the obligations we have towards our people, investors, suppliers, competitors, stakeholders and the living environment. We believe that our reputation and the trust and confidence of those with whom we engage will be considered a desirable asset. We demand a strong professional and ethical approach when carrying out any of our business activities.

All associates and employees are required to abide by our Code of Conduct which outlines our core approach to all business dealings. The protection of our professional integrity is of fundamental importance and all associates and employees are aware of the consequences of non conformance. Our Code of Conduct helps to protect our reputation and thus maintains confidence.

1.0 Business Partners Suppliers

We aim to develop relationships with business partners and suppliers based on mutual trust. We believe one of our major strengths is our intention to build Strong alliances with suppliers. Many of our contracts come through a strong relationship with suppliers and our partners contributions help us to deliver solutions required by our customers and the market.

2.0 The Environment

By nature of our operations, we believe that our actions have a minimal impact upon the environment. However, we endeavour to reduce any areas of environmental impact and adopt a culture of reduce-reuse-recycle. We avoid skip hire where possible in favour of more selective sorting of waste ie. Aggregate, Timber and Metals.

In the course of our operations, we aim to identify opportunities to reduce consumption of energy, water and other natural resources. We reuse and recycle whenever possible and dispose of non-recyclable materials in a responsible way.

When using cars, we endeavour to drive with the speed limits of the country of delivery and keep up regular maintenance of vehicles to ensure they are performing at their highest standard. We encourage employees and associates to consider more environmentally friendly cars when a purchase opportunity arises and if more than one employee/consultant needs to visit a client/supplier/stakeholder then Car Sharing or Public Transport will be adopted whenever viable.

3.0 Our People

The launch of the Cara brand into the market has allowed us to communicate our principles and strategies throughout the company as well as to our customers. We recognise that as a Creative based business, we must communicate as well as to our people both formally and informally and we know that by unleashing the potential of our people and empowering them to engage will result in securing long-term profitability.

We actively support the development of our people including formal development discussions and structured programmes of professional development. All support of our people is based on the transfer, exchange and creation of knowledge towards our corporate objectives and thus be the driving force behind our innovation and improvements.

4.0 Meritocracy

We embrace diversity and respect for different cultures and local needs. People and associates from both genders, from different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, generations and backgrounds are all welcome to become involved in improving solutions delivered to our clients.

Cara is a meritocracy at heart and thus rewards its people based on their abilities, contributions and achievements. An annual review of pay and performance is carried out and these reviews drive the decisions on pay and career progression.

5.0 Health & Safety

Cara aim to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all people, outside contractors and visitors, not only on our premises, but also for those staff, associates and contractors working on client sites. The company aims to comply with all relevant local legislation or regulations, and best practice guidelines recommended by national health and safety authorities. We also liaise with staff regarding our policies and practices so that we can continue to maintain a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment.

6.0 Community Support

Cara has had a long standing interest in supporting Youth Work provision on Merseyside.
‘Turnitaround’, an initiative set up three years ago by Kirkdale born Debra Kurs to help support young people aged 11-21 with one-2-one sessions and outreach work.

Debra will be launching a new initiative Tia Creatives soon. Other works include fund raising for Hoylake Cottage Hospital which offers care for the elderly and Teenage Cancer Trust which makes provision for treating young people 13-24 age group.

During Years 2016/17/19, Rob joined David and Laura from Bennett Safetywear – Crosby, in taking part in the Wirral Bikeathon. Monies raised support Blood Cancer UK (Formerly known as Bloodwise)

7.0 Data Protection

Cara complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to store, process or transmit card payments securely. We have now been certified by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for October 2012.

In September/October, 2019, Paul Johnson from JDI Computer Services brought procedures in to ensure Cara is GDPR Compliant.