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Welcome to Rob’s 2017 blog:

Light Night in Town this year was a great buzz as previous years. With so many places to visit, I focused on Blackburn House, Tide & Time at the Oceanography Centre and DJ Greg Wilson in the Anglican Cathedral for my cultural experiences!

Coming Soon:

bulletInternational Mersey River Festival 23rd-25th June
bulletLiverpool International Music Festival between 20th-23rd July
bulletInternational Beatle Week will be celebrated from 23rd-29th August.
bulletAnd so much more.
bulletWhat's On in Liverpool?

Do you know a British Company Specializing in Extraction?

Westin in Yorkshire, have been manufacturing Cooker Hoods since 1921.


These are Hand-Built with precision using traditional methods including welding, folding, polishing, painting and packing.


Ceiling extraction is the most effective form and must be used with 150mm Rigid Ducting.


There are also options for Inline and External Motors as well as the new Westin 360 concept, where there is no possibility of ducting out.

bulletVisit Westin website

Roman Shower Enclosures & Trays:

The Decem 10mm Sliding Door stands 2M high, and features a soft close door system. Anti-Slip Liber8 is the Frameless Collection, while Innov8 encompasses elegantly a minimalist frameless Pivot Door Enclosures. Many permutations, so why not take a look.

bulletVisit Roman Showers website


Innovation and new Products

ProofVision are becoming the leading providers of bathroom entertainment

bulletVisit ProofVison website


Smeg has teamed up with ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ to launch ‘The Sicily is my Love’ collection of Small Domestic Appliances

bulletVisit Smeg website


Welcome to Rob’s New Year blog of 2015


Welcome to Rob’s 2017 blog:

I am looking forward to IFB 2016 running from 13th June - 1st July. This event will provide Business opportunities, Seminars with Networking that will hopefully provide stimulation, innovation and a buzz around the City.

The QE2 will visit on 2nd July to celebrate the Cunard Buildings Centenary.

I feel I should be doing more to capture all the free rain water this Winter by increasing my water harvesting devises! However, some tips follow on how to save water within your bathroom...

Events Past & Forthcoming!

bulletSaneux care about the environment and this is why they believe in water conservation.

bulletWater is a basic need not only for human survival but for the continuation of our planet.

bulletAll their products are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Service) approved.

bulletHere is a link to 4 ways to save your water:

Robin Levien - a consistently successful and innovative Product Designer

Following on from his successful Concept Ranges of sanitaryware for Ideal Standard, a new addition has been launched called Concept Air. By building on the intrinsic design DNA of Concept, the product has been refined with fine edges, crisp corners and slim tapering profiles.

Also, for the more price conscious person, the Tesi Range has been introduced with Tesi brassware by Artefact. tesi.html

What worksurface shall I choose?

There has been a trend towards Quartz in recent years from the more random natural Granite finishes. I personally like Corian which can compare similar in cost to Quartz, as it tends to be a tad warmer to touch, more forgiving when accidently dropping crockery on it, as well as seamless, hygienic with minimal maintenance. You may like to consider a new material called Deckton which is part of the Cosentino ‘Silestone’ family. This new product has high UV, stain, and scratch Resistance whilst allowing hot pans to be placed on it, unlike most other products, without the risk of damage.

Welcome to Rob’s New Year blog of 2015

What exciting events has Merseyside to offer during 2015?

bulletLS Lowry @ Theodore Major, Lancashire Painters Exhibition, at the Atkinson Southport: 17th January - 29th March
bulletCunard Liners, three Queens, Meeting on the Mersey of course, 25th May, to celebrate their 175 anniversary
bulletInternational Mersey River Festival: 4th-7th June

Some of the Porduct innovation awards of 2014

bulletSmeg D0SP38X Classic Double Pyro Oven
bulletSmeg DF4SS-1 Dishwasher with Swing Wash
bulletIdeal Standard ‘Dea’ Sanitaryware
bulletCosentino Dekton worksurfces
bulletLaufen Saphir Keramik
bulletAEG OKOKombi Washer dryer

Bathroom design trends:

Paul Flower, Senior Designer, Grohe says we are only at the start of a major digital impact on the Bathroom. Future diagnostics will be able to take basic readings about the user. Lighting will be used to influence emotions. Also, with children living at home longer and the increase in Care Home fees, has led to the evolution of the multigenerational bathroom.

bulletIdeal Standard website

Take a look at Kitchen drawer developments from Blum: Callerton Kitchens will be one of the first Companies to introduce the new Blum ‘Legrabox’. This elegant box system features straight sides with a redesigned high quality motion, that has been 6 years in the making. Benefits include greater drawer space, easy concealed 3 way adjustment and increased load bearing capacity.

To compliment, there is the Ambia-Line inner dividing system to match the design.

Welcome to Rob's Summer blog of 2014

After the recent Winter you wouldn't expect to see a hose-pipe ban in the near future! However, with increasing costs of providing Utility Services, and more households subject to a water meter, it is only good practice to consider ways of reducing consumption. You may start simply by using a modern tap design, which provides a two tier flow function and a water restrictor. Or perhaps a reduced depth bath. Ideal Standard has partnered up with ReAqua systems to create a 'grey-water' recycling solution, which captures water from baths/showers, and recycles it for toilet flushing. This is estimated to reduce household consumption by 30% per annum. A prime benefit here is that no-one needs to change their lifestyle or behaviour habits to save water.

bulletVisit Ideal Stanadard website

Advantages of mid-powered LED's.

LED's have a reputation for energy efficiency, but too High-power can cause unattractive 'spotting' along the length of a diffuser for linear fitings. The bulky heat-sinking requirements are also restrictive in dissipating the heat. Mid-power LED's not only addresses the above issues, together with smaller drivers, but provides more affordable products.

bulletVisit Astro Lighting website

Ideal Standard launched 'Dea' at KBB at the NEC in Birmingham during March. Designed by Seymourpowell. The aim of the range is to be both affordable and accessible in the sense that it be approachable, useable, practical, comfortable and ergonomic. The design has focused on challenging technical aspects like curved fronts which slope away from the knees under the basin, the close-coupled toilet with a super thin seat & cover and a fine edge to the ceramics.

bulletVisit Ideal Standard website

Coming ever closer will be in the spotlight between June & July, the International Festival for Business. The British Open at Hoylake from 13th-20th July, and don't forget the amazing Royal De Luxe street theatre company returning to Liverpool during 24th-27th July.

It is encouraging to see quite an influx of new businesses moving into Heswall.

Hopefully encouraging signs that business is improving, albeit slowly. However, contentious issues of parking charges and business rates prevail in the area, which can only make it harder for us all to trade profitably. Being a member of the Heswall & District Business Association does give the opportunity to air ones opinions, and as a group, we are proactive in talking to both our local councillors and MP's.

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What should I look out for when buying LEDs!

Sally Storey, the design director at John Cullen Lighting, explains:
"When selecting LEDs it is essential to check the light output. This is measured in Lumens. Another key factor is the colour temperature – for homes it is best to look for a warm white. The measure of this varies for different manufacturers. In the past LEDs were very cool with a colour temperature of 4,000K – 5,000K, which is a close colour to daylight. I always recommend a warm white colour of around 2,700K. A further important factor is the CRI (Colour Rendition Index), which is a scale of the trueness of the colours of an object. Ideally, you should look for a CRI of 90 or greater to ensure best results."

Robert Levien, designer for Ideal Standard, says that the recent Bathroom Behaviours study discovered a number of interesting facts about daily bathroom usage. When asked about what the research meant for the Industry, he commented: 'It is essential to understand how a bathroom works in its totality and to think about the ergonomics of the bathroom – and this forms a key part of our approach to product design'.

Merseyside will be in the spotlight later in the year with the International Festival for Business during June/July, the British Open at Hoylake from 13th-20th July, and the amazing Royal De Luxe street theatre company returning to Liverpool during 24th-27th July.